Wisconsin: The Tipping Point State

The 2020 presidential election may well hinge on how Wisconsin votes, and right now the Democratic candidates are polling neck-and-neck with Trump. Everything you do with Team Gold do to organize Democratic voters in the next 11 months, no matter how small, could be the difference! From Greg Sargent of the Washington Post:

“It’s widely assumed that the 2020 voting in Wisconsin will go a long way toward determining whether President Trump serves a second term. And a new poll finds that every single leading Democratic candidate is roughly tied with him in the state. There’s a decent chance — though it’s hardly certain — that any of the leading Democrats would be able to take back Pennsylvania and Michigan, two “blue wall” states Trump cracked. But if Trump holds Wisconsin, he can still prevail in the electoral college, if pretty much all else goes as it did in 2016. By contrast, if Trump loses in Wisconsin, it’s all but certain he’ll lose Pennsylvania and Michigan as well, and with them the election.”


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