Who We Are and What We Do

Team Gold is a west Madison neighborhood Volunteer group that engages in community activities to create public interest regarding issues that directly impact the quality of life, locally, state wide and nationally.

Team Gold organized in 2009 shortly after President Obama was elected.  One of 14 Organize for Action Dane County teams we have stayed actively engaged and committed to our fonding values: Respect, Empower and Include (REI). We have been actively engaged in: Public education, Climate, Gun safety, Health care, Voter ID, Immigration, and Women’s rights (check back in later for our web page’s “Issues” section). For more information go to our Link tab to get more connected to those issues central to our volunteer efforts.

What do we do?

  • Door-to-door canvasing to engage like-minded neighbors

  • Phone banking to recruit volunteers

  • Community Service

Community Forums:


Team Gold Slideshow

Check out our calendar to find more events!

3 thoughts on “Who We Are and What We Do”

  1. So far, the website looks very good and user friendly. In which section will documents intended for members be posted?

    1. Hi Wilma,

      This web page is intended to be our destination for prospective members. Documents for members will be handled in our new google group that we’ll be reviewing at tomorrow’s meeting.

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