Who We Are and What We Do

Team Gold is a west Madison neighborhood Volunteer group that engages in community activities to create public interest regarding issues that directly impact the quality of life, locally, state wide and nationally. We also organize in our neighborhood in support of Democratic candidates for office on the local, state and national level.

Team Gold was founded in 2008 as one of the original Organizing for Obama grassroots teams in Dane County. We are now one of 24 Neighborhood Action Teams in Dane County. We work year-round to promote progressive values and elect Democratic candidates. As experienced volunteers, we’ll gladly provide the training and support you need to be an effective canvasser. If you prefer not to canvass, please let us know what you are interested in doing by filling out this brief survey. There are many other ways you can volunteer and make a difference. Please join us!

What do we do?

  • Door-to-door canvasing to engage like-minded neighbors

  • Phone banking to recruit volunteers

  • Community Service

Community Forums:


Team Gold Slideshow

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