It is 2024 and Time to Get to Work!

We have less than 9 months until the all-important November 2024 election, when we will help re-elect President Joe Biden and Senator Tammy Baldwin, and elect Democratic and progressive candidates up and down the ballot. It is looking more and more like a Biden-Trump rematch. Or, democracy vs. authoritarianism.

To kick off 2024, Team Gold will be hosting phone banks to talk with voters residing in inaccessible apartment buildings. As with our canvasses last fall, we will talk with voters to learn what issues matter most to them. We need to ensure that voters understand the importance of this election and why re-electing President Biden and Senator Baldwis is crucial.

We have two virtual phone banks scheduled. The first is on Saturday, February 17th, and the second will be on Saturday, March 23rd. There will be two shifts for each day: 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Please join us as we kick off 2024.

Register for FEBRUARY 17th.

Register for MARCH 23rd.

As our year unfolds, come back to this space to learn about more opportunities to make a difference. We also plan to have some fun along the way.

Other Ways to Help

Want to help Team Gold and the other Dane County teams another way? The teams around Dane County are planning to open offices around Dane County in time for the Fall canvassing push. This will enable us to more easily host canvasses, send out yard signs, recruit new volunteers and more. Dane Dems is raising the funds, which will be made available to all of the teams. You can help by donating through this link which is dedicated for this purpose:

Donate to Dane Dems to Support the County Teams

You can also support the County Teams by becoming a member of Dane Dems. Here’s a link to do that.

Join Dane Dems

Fall of 2023

Last Fall, we knocked on doors to talk with voters. Wisconsin Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski joined us on November 4th to kick off one of our shifts. As usual, Sarah inspired all of us. Canvassers left feeling energized and hopeful. We look forward to seeing more of Sarah this year.

Join Us!

If you want to know more about Team Gold, you can reach out to us through our email at We would love to talk with you about what we do and why we do it. We need folks to make calls and knock on doors. But, we also need folks to help support those efforts. Reach out and let us know what you are interested in doing.

Why we do this work

For a good explanation of the importance of turning out the vote in Madison and Dane County, here is a great article from Politico. While the story focuses on a number of college towns, the work being done by Dane County volunteers such as those from Team Gold is the lead story.

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