A big shout out to our amazing canvassers and support teams who made it possible for us to turn out the vote so effectively for Governor Evers, Attorney General Kaul, Assembly candidates Alex Joers and Lisa Subeck, State Senate Candidate Dianne Hesselbein, and Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett.

We are disappointed that we were unable to elect Mandela Barnes and defeat the worst sitting US Senator. Given the overtly racist ads run against Mandela and his late start on being able to respond effectively, we are proud at how close he came. However, the work continues. Moral victories, such as Mandela’s, simply aren’t enough.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and year end holidays, whatever you may celebrate. It is time to relax and enjoy family and friends.

We will be back at it early next year as we work to elect a progressive candidate to the open Wisconsin Supreme Court seat. The primary is February 21st and the General Election is April 4th. Control of the court by either conservative justices or progressive justices will be on the ballot. This is likely to be the most expensive Supreme Court race in Wisconsin’s history.

If you are interested in learning more about Team Gold over the holidays, please let us know. You can reach out to us at We will explore with you what you would like to do so we can collaboratively determine how we can best put your talents and time to work.

You can also complete our short volunteer interest form and we will be in contact to find the right opportunity for you.


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