FAIR MAPS: Why Ending Gerrymandering Matters

Did you ever wonder why the Wisconsin Legislature fails to enact legislation supported by a majority of Wisconsin residents? Team Gold’s Forum on Fair Maps on JUNE 8TH provided insight to this critical question. Matt Rothschild, Executive Director of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, gave us an overview. Heather DuBois Bourenane, Executive Director of Wisconsin Public Education Network; Jon Peacock, Research Director at Kids Forward; and Melissa Ratcliff, Chair of the Dane County public works and transportation committee, highlighted the real-world impact of gerrymandering and why it impacts to all of us — irrespective of our political leanings.

If you were unable to join us on the 8th, you can watch a video of the Forum by CLICKING HERE.

Learn how ending gerrymandering will strengthen your voice and your vote by making elected representatives more responsive and accountable. In addition to the information in our video, you can learn more about how to make a difference by going to the Fair Maps Coalition website at: https://www.fairmapswi.com

Phone Banking to Support Governor Evers’ Budget

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin will be phone banking the weekend of June 26 – 27 in support of Governor Evers’ Budget. Sign up now to support his critical priorities, including public education, better roads, expanded Medicaid, greater access to broadband and more.

June 26 Phone Bank Registration

June 27 Phone Bank Registration

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