June 2019 Calendar

Hi all,

We are holding a couple of June events, if you can sign up please do so!


June 19, Wednesday, 10:30am, Attic Angel Community Rm: Jay Heck, Exec. Dir. Common Cause; Gerrymandering a Political Practice Used by Both Parties, What’s Happening Now?  See flier below. No need to sign up!

March To Madison

June 25, 12:30pm, East High School; March To Madison; 60 miles for 60%; The Road to Fairness for ALL Wisconsin Students in protest of the $900 million cut from the education budget and moved forward by the Joint Finance Committee.  If you live in Madison you are asked to meet up with marchers June 25, 12:30pm, East High School and march the 2 miles to the Capital. Itinerary and sign up link: http://www.wisconsinnetwork.org/blog/march

Medicaid Expansion

Additionally, here’s an article you can use that contains helpful talking points for supporting Medicaid expansion. Useful for when you’re talking to people about this issue!

poster for June 2019.pdf

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