Continuing the Fight – December 2018 Actions

I didn’t expect to have something for Team Gold Volunteers to do, but Republicans aren’t resting on their laurels. According to this article, Scott Walker and state Republicans are planning a power grab:

  • They plan on limiting Josh Kaul’s power to represent the state in litigation, and giving the legislature power to elect an unelected ‘special counsel’ to represent the state instead
  • They are planning to limit early voting, despite a federal judge’s ruling stating that the last time they tried this it was racially discriminatory.

So we’re asking you to volunteer from the comfort of your own home this month, by calling and texting people, letting them know to contact their representatives about this.

To phone bank, use this link to access the directions and get started: phone bank instructions

To text, sign up using this spreadsheet, and an organizer will get in touch with you: texting sign up
Lastly, the Dane Dems is partnering up with local teams to organize a Madison Mayoral Candidate Forum. If you’re interested sign up by emailing us at
Have a wonderful and safe holidays!

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