Canvassing Results September 16-17

Here are some thoughts from one of our canvassers from our September canvas!

Canvass data: We had a very successful canvass.  The unofficial data that I collected  from our canvassers (Canvass Tally Sheets) is:

  • 255 doors knocked. We didn’t meet our 350 goal, but that’s OK; READ ON!
  • 6 Canvassers
  • 7 turfs
  • 0 flake rate (no shows)  AWESOME!
  • 75 contacts
  • 29% contact rate VERY HIGH

For me personally, it was one of the most POSITIVE canvasses I have done since the 2012 campaign.  I did my immediate Elderberry neighborhood.  EVEN got into an inaccessible condo building and no one questioned me.  I had a 34% contact rate with lots of interest.  People were engaging, wanted to talk and agreed it was important to be involved. Everyone appreciated our handout with my name, website (I hand wrote) and e-mail address. My plan is to follow up early Oct. with an informal info/ dessert gathering inviting those I talked to.  If any of you know of any neighbors or have contacts of people that are interested I encourage you to invite them as well once I/we fine tune the details.  Stay tuned.

Our next canvas is November 4th, sign up by emailing

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