On Friday, January 21, at Noon, Fair Courts End Gerrymandering rallies will be held at over 15 locations around Wisconsin. The goal is to let the Courts know that we, the people of Wisconsin, are watching and we expect them to act in a nonpartisan manner, in the best interest of the people, not politicians.

The Madison rally will be at Noon starting at the
bottom stairs of the State Street entrance to the Capitol.

Beginning at Noon come to the steps leading to the State Street entrance to the Capitol, near the Forward statue. Sign in. You can pick up a sign at the sign-in table or come with your own. Respectfully walk along the public sidewalk surrounding the square holding your sign.

At 12:25 begin congregating near the State Street entrance steps. At 12:30 a short program will be held. Speakers include Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, Executive Director of Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice, and Carlene Bechen, Organizing Director, Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition.

If you make your own sign, keep it positive with a focus on doing the right thing. We want to show the respect a fair and non-partisan court deserves.

Even though the rally will be outdoors we ask that you wear a mask. Stay safe while shining a light on the Court and championing Fair Maps.

Sign Up HERE

Learn more: fairmapswi.com/JanRally

George Jesien is the press contact for the Madison rally.
Mobile: (301) 509-2397; email: geojesien@gmail.com

Why the 2022 Elections Matter

Team Gold will be working hard in 2022 to re-elect Governor Evers, Attorney General Kaul and other Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. We will also be working hard to defeat Senator Johnson. Why? What is at stake?

One answer can be found by reading Laura Thornton’s recent column in The Washington Post.

Ms. Thorton is the director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. In her column she lays out what American authoritarianism looks like and shows that it is already here. Focusing on Wisconsin, she deplores the statements of Senator Ron Johnson and Republican lawmakers who are openly demanding control over election management in the state.

“I spent more than two decades living and working overseas to advance democracy and credible elections—giving me plenty of opportunity to see the lengths to which autocrats will go to gain power,” Thornton writes. “Even so, the proposed Wisconsin power grab is shocking in its brazenness. If this occurred in any of the countries where the United States provides aid, it would immediately be called out as a threat to democracy. U.S. diplomats would be writing furious cables, and decision makers would be threatening to cut off the flow of assistance.”

Democracy matters first and foremost if we are to tackle that long list of other critically important issues: racism, women’s reproductive health, social justice inequities, climate change, poverty, gun violence, medicaid expansion — and on and on. If you believe in any of those issues and the need for change, then first you need to join the fight to save our democracy. There is only one party who wants to do that, the Democrats. Join us and join the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in this effort. This is the fight of our time and every volunteer is critical.

Come back in January as we lay out our next steps. No matter which holidays you observe at this time of year, may they be happy and safe. See you in 2022!

Have Fun & Talk Politics! Saturday, September 18th @ 2pm, Elver Park

Program Starts at 2:30.

Join us! Team Gold, in conjunction with Madison’s South West Action Team and Verona Action Team, is co-hosting a a fun event for our westside and Verona neighbors interested in Wisconsin politics. We will start gathering at 2:00pm, Saturday Sept 18 at Elver Park, 1250 McKenna Blvd. Madison. Elected officials and all Democratic candidates running in the 2022 U.S. Senatorial primary have been invited. Kirk Bangstad, Minocqua Brewing Company, will be one of our special guests. We will have two of Minocqua Brewing’s signature progressive beers on tap as well as brats and other snacks and beverages. The program will begin at 2:30, so please arrive before then to hear from Kirk and the candidates.

Confirmed attendees as of September 3rd:

US Senatorial candidates
Dr. Gillian Battino
State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski
Alex Lasry
Tom Nelson
Steven Olikara
Peter Peckarsky

Elected Officials
Kalvin Barrett, Dane County Sheriff
Lisa Subeck, Assemblyperson, District 78
Barbara Harrington-McKinney, Madison Alderperson Dist. 1
Luke Diaz, Mayor of Verona

This is an outdoor event. We will follow COVID mitigation requirements and recommendations.

To help us plan, please let us know if you will be there by CLICKING HERE to register.

JOIN US ON NOVEMBER 6 & 7 for our One Year To Win Kickoff Weekend

Help us get ready for a successful 2022.

We are back to knocking on doors and talking with voters! Team Gold will be canvassing at Noon and 3:00 on Saturday, November 6th, as we start preparing for a successful 2022. We will be talking with voters on the far west side of Madison, learning what issues matter most to them in the run up to re-electing Governor Evers, flipping the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Ron Johnson and electing Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Register today to join us:

CLICK HERE to register for either the Noon or 3:00 shift on 11/6. (Just check the box for the time you want.)

If you aren’t ready to knock on doors but would like to talk with voters, we have a way to do that! We are hosting a Team Gold phone bank on Sunday, November 7th at Noon. We will be calling voters on the far west side of Madison, learning what issues matter most to them. These voters live in apartment buildings where we are unable to get in to knock on their doors.

CLICK HERE to register to call voters on November 7th at Noon.

If phone banking is for you but you can’t make it at Noon on November 7th, register to call voters with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. They will have a state-wide phone banks on Saturday, November 6th, at 9:00, Noon, 3:00 and 6:00 as well as shifts on Sunday the 7th at Noon and 3:00.

CLICK HERE to register to call voters with WisDems.

Drawing Fair Maps — Thursday July 15 at 7:00

Team Gold is excited to be partnering with the Fair Maps Coalition Map Making Week of Action, July 12 – July 16. We will be the featured event at 7:00 pm Thursday July 15! The goal is to boost the number of maps submitted to the People’s Maps Commission and is a follow up to our forum, Fair Maps: Why Ending Gerrymandering Matters.

Register for Drawing Fair Maps

Carlene Bechen, State Organizer for the Fair Maps Coalition, fairmapswi.com, will kick off our event with a clear explanation of what Map Making is and why it is so important to our grassroots efforts to end gerrymandering. Following Carlene’s introduction we will move into break out rooms where Fair Maps trainers will take us through the process of drawing Fair Maps. Join us and be a part of the solution to end gerrymandering.

Want to know more about the Democratic candidates for the US Senate?

The Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate in 2022 will participate in a virtual question-and-answer session with WisPolitics.com on Tuesday June 29 from noon to 1 pm CT. The participants include five declared candidates and one likely candidate who has formed an exploratory committee and was included in a state Democratic Party gathering in early June.

The forum is not a formal debate, but a question-and-answer session for the political community to get to know the Democratic candidates seeking to defeat Senator Johnson. Questions will come from moderator Jeff Mayers and then from the audience through written questions submitted in advance.

To register CLICK HERE.

FAIR MAPS: Why Ending Gerrymandering Matters

Did you ever wonder why the Wisconsin Legislature fails to enact legislation supported by a majority of Wisconsin residents? Team Gold’s Forum on Fair Maps on JUNE 8TH provided insight to this critical question. Matt Rothschild, Executive Director of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, gave us an overview. Heather DuBois Bourenane, Executive Director of Wisconsin Public Education Network; Jon Peacock, Research Director at Kids Forward; and Melissa Ratcliff, Chair of the Dane County public works and transportation committee, highlighted the real-world impact of gerrymandering and why it impacts to all of us — irrespective of our political leanings.

If you were unable to join us on the 8th, you can watch a video of the Forum by CLICKING HERE.

Learn how ending gerrymandering will strengthen your voice and your vote by making elected representatives more responsive and accountable. In addition to the information in our video, you can learn more about how to make a difference by going to the Fair Maps Coalition website at: https://www.fairmapswi.com

Phone Banking to Support Governor Evers’ Budget

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin will be phone banking the weekend of June 26 – 27 in support of Governor Evers’ Budget. Sign up now to support his critical priorities, including public education, better roads, expanded Medicaid, greater access to broadband and more.

June 26 Phone Bank Registration

June 27 Phone Bank Registration

Helping Neighbors In Need

Team Gold is partnering with Lussier Community Education Center to help families in need on the west side of Madison. We are donating items and money to Lussier the fourth week of each month. Lussier ensures that the items are quickly and efficiently distributed to neighborhood families in need.

For June, drop off your LCEC donations Thursday June 24, 4:30pm, at Wellspring Church, 5702 South Hill Drive, Madison. Drop your donations at the South Hill Street entrance. Our focus for this month’s donation event will again be Essential Products. Priority items needed:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Pull Ups, size 3T-4T and 4T-5T
  • Baby wipes
  • Bleach

What Happened? A Political Scientist Looks at the 2020 Election

Thank you again to everyone who volunteered with us in the 2020 election! We couldn’t have flipped Wisconsin without you!

We’re excited to invite you all to join us next month for an in-depth analysis of the election by our special guest, Barry Burden, UW Professor of Political Science, Lyons Family Chair in Electoral Politics and Director of the Elections Research Center. Professor Burden plans to leave plenty of time for questions.

Sign up at this link and we will send out the Zoom link in an email that will go out shortly before December 14th.